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    Goals Posts

    Confused About Parenting?

    October 26th, 2021
    What do the experts say? When I hear young Christian parents talk about parenting, there seems to be an underlying sense of confusion. Their ideas are often a hodgepodge of reactions to their childhood, what they studied in college, what their…

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    Need homework help?

    December 7th, 2018
    So how are you doing with Assignment #1, teaching your children how to be pleasant and effective in getting your attention? I hope you’ve been practicing and finding some success. That’s not to say that after a short while you can expect that…

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    May I make a suggestion?

    November 8th, 2018
    I’ve encouraged you to consider goals for your family, to think about what you want to see in the lives of your children when they leave your home. Hopefully it’s something beyond ‘get a college degree in a field that pays well and has a good…

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    Get a dream for your family!

    December 9th, 2016
    Hello everyone! Thank you for visiting my new blog.  It’s a work in progress, just like me and my family. I feel honored that you have chosen to allow me to participate with you in a small way in your life’s journey. I’ve recently met some of…

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