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    Family Legacy Conference

    A vibrant and deliberate life must be directed by compelling vision. Let Chris and Bev Parrish, happily married for 40 years (and still best of friends) and parents to seven grown children, inspire, equip, and encourage you to create that compelling vision for the family legacy you will leave behind.

    Rise above the commonplace idea that “everyone is like this” and dare to dream of a family life that is different. Learn how to create a map to end up somewhere – on purpose! Don’t settle. Get busy. Your family is waiting. For such a time as this!

    Meet Chris and Bev:

    As the couple behind Family Legacy Conferences, we are passionate about family life. For almost 40 years, we made choices that moved us in the direction of our vision. We share simple, Biblically based principles that work.

    Chris and Bev

    Family Legacy Conference


    • Headship – What’s That?

    • Creating a Family Vision – The Family Vision Workbook

    • Husband and Wife – The Central Family Relationship

    • Family Dynamics – Building a Foundation for your Vision

    • Optional Bonus session – Q & A Stump the veteran married couple!

    Headship – What’s That?

    Headship in the family means leadership of the family. Leadership is best described with one word, ‘influence.’ As the head of the family, the husband’s leadership will either be a positive or a negative influence on his wife and kids. Every man wants to be an effective head of his family, but few even know what it is supposed to look like. Explore leadership for the ‘common man’ – how this plays out in the real world, with jobs, kids, commitments, etc. Learn how to inspire and direct your family toward a common goal.

    Creating a Family Vision – The Family Vision Workbook

    Before we can set a course for somewhere, we need to know where we are, as well as where we’re going. In the case of creating a vision for your family, you may not know where you want to go. Evaluating your present situation can add some insight into things you might like to change, and inspire you to imagine what could be different. Step by step, begin to create a vision with the Family Vision Workbook – a map to end up somewhere – on purpose!

    Husband and Wife – The Central Family Relationship

    You love your spouse, but are you certain that they feel it beyond a shadow of a doubt? Effectively loving the most important people in our lives is vital. The problem is, how do we know that we’re being effective? Learn two important keys to showing love to those who matter most. When you love your spouse well, you love and lead your family well!

    Family Dynamics – Building a Foundation for your Vision

    If you can’t get your children to obey you without a fuss or a fight, it is going to be practically impossible to successfully disciple them. A peaceful, happy home environment results when they do what we’ve asked without whining, complaining, pouting, or otherwise making everyone around them miserable. Learn specific practices for training your children to cheerfully obey, and move from enduring your family to enjoying your family.